About Us

Our Story

We’re a company with a straightforward vision. We believe that there is an amazing investment amount that clients can save if they are offered the right engineering solution.

With this in mind, we began our journey with PMG Electromechanical Services.

What we bring to the table

Since we are having extensive experience in secure power and cooling area along with site preparation, we are able to offer turnkey solutions in these domains.

  1. Precision Cooling
    • CRAC Units
    • In Row Cooling
    • High Density Cooling
  2. Secure Power
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply
    • Sealed Lead Acid and Nickel Cadmium Batteries
    • Diesel Generators
  3. Monitoring Solutions
    • Equipment Status: Alarms and readings of different equipment installed
    • Comprehensive Monitoring: Complete Infrastructure Monitoring and Management 
  4. Site Preparation
    • Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm Systems
    • Raised Flooring
    • Gypsum & Glass Partitions
    • Structure Cabling
    • Racks
    • CCTV & Access control
  5. Turnkey Data Center Solutions
    • Design and build of complete Data Centers
    • Modular Data Centers (mobile)